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Virtual Environment

Classicism, Realism, Avant-Garde: Italian Painting in Between the Wars

Profa. Dra. Ana Gonçalves Magalhães (MAC USP)
Prof. Dr. Flávio Soares Corrêa da Silva (LIDET, IME USP)
Dra. Cláudia J. Abrão de Araújo (LIDET, IME USP)

The idea to present a virtual environment linked to the hotsite of the exhibition Classicism, Realism, Avant-Garde: Italian Painting Between the Wars grew out of the basis that such a tool should be an addition to the exhibition in the galleries of the museum. First of all, we established that we were working with very different languages or media (one might say, they were even contradictory): How we could speak of a collection of modernist paintings through a virtual medium, without merely reproducing the actual artworks. The second aspect was to try to propose something out of the common use of computerized tools, such as the virtual visit to the galleries of the museum - as explored in a tool like that of Google Art Project.

Therefore, this virtual environment of the exhibition is not a virtual visit to the galleries of MAC USP, but rather a tool through which the museum visitor can access other layers of interpretation and depth in the understanding of the works exhibited in the museum.

In this virtual environment, the visitor will thus find three layers of exploration of the works on show:

Archeometry: Science for Art's Sake

Here the user will find information about the different methods of physical analises of a painting, with techniques developed by Nuclear Physics. In addition to this, there is an animation with which the user can explore the various layers of one of the paintings in exhibition. These were obtained through analyses of infrared reflectography (IR), fluorescence with ultra-violet radiation (UV),, radigraphy (X-Ray), tangential light and visible light.

A Collection of Collections

In this section, the user will have access to information about the great Italian collectors of the 1930s, who were behind the set of works gathered for the first nucleus of the collection of the former São Paulo Museum of Modern Art (MAM). The user will get to know where have some of the works exhibited come from, before arriving in Brazil.

Make your Own Exhibition

This is an interactive tool, with which the user can create his/her own reading of the exhibition, while making his/her selection of works that may build another meaning for him/her.